Margarita Fores waxes nostalgic over meals with Jappy Gonzalez

For Asia?s Best Female Chef, it’s wonderful to have a friend with discerning taste.

The granddaughter of industrialist J. Amado Araneta is giving us #BFFgoals with her friendship with Mark ?Jappy?Gonzalez. The founder of H&F Retail Concepts is not only a retail visionary for the country?s elite fashion industry but also has a discriminating palate.

?From El Bulli to Etxebarri. Seeking out memorable meals through the years with bff Jappy @notanuglyboy….From Roses, Catalonia in Catalunya to Atxondo, Bizkaia in The Basque Country. Priceless memories. #catalunya#basquecountry? @margaritafores said.

Fantastic meals should always be shared with the company of awesome friends, right Chef Fores?