Injap Sia tops off 4th Double Dragon Plaza tower with golden spades

Nothing like golden spades to make a statement.

Edgar ?Injap? Sia continues to make awesome things happen. The Double Dragon chairman led the topping off ceremony for Double Dragon Plaza?s fourth tower at DD Meridian Park in Pasay City. The plaza is set for completion this year.

When it comes to luck and business prosperity, Injap Sia has them in spades.

A beautiful goodbye: Rocio’s tribute to daddy James Olbés

In a poignant Instagram tribute, Rocio Olbes Ressano bid farewell to her beloved father, Rene Ros Olbés, who recently passed away. The heartfelt post included two cherished photos – one capturing her dad in action, showcasing his hands-on nature, and the other, a nostalgic beach moment shared between father and toddler daughter.