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Rico “Suave” Tantoco celebrates birthday

Bilyonaryo Bienvenido “Rico” Tantoco III got a lot of loving from his stylish and wacky brood on his birthday.

The Tantoco tribe celebrated Rico’s milestone with group hugs, another epic family portrait, and a touching poem from the family’s resident wordsmith, Katrina.

Goodfellas and the Don Rico Suave ? #gijoksterlife

A photo posted by Katrina Tantoco-Lobregat (@katantocolobregat) on

Tree of Nuts, No, we don’t suffer from insanity. We seem to enjoy it ???

A photo posted by Katrina Tantoco-Lobregat (@katantocolobregat) on

Yes, we are sappy fools for group hugs #gijoksterlife

A photo posted by Katrina Tantoco-Lobregat (@katantocolobregat) on

Here’s to the magic of you, And the magic of all you do, Here’s to your mystery, Despite our long history, An enigma, Who is slow to judge and rarely puts a stigma, On people you meet, You brighten their day, enlighten their souls, Their inclined to stay, Respect for differences, That’s the name of your game, Oft times, I feel your are to good for this world, Even if Rico “suave’s” your name. Tis’ no secret, I’m a big fan, A big supporter of the enigma of you, My big man, Our connection runs deep, Though many times, You may want to run far away from me, Jump far and leap, leap, leap. A father and his daughters, Words are inept to describe, Our connection, I’ll leave that to the scribes So this is my wish and my blessing, To my Dear Papa Bear, May you dream big forever, And may your brilliance shoot to stars afar, May the pureness of your soul, Touch other souls who will treasure, Not measure, Nor taint. You are too good for this world Daddy-o, A gift to many, To me, you are my protector, And sometimes my lecturer ? But more than that, You are firstly my father. May you live mostly in peace, And bask in life’s ease, May you see how admired you are, By those who really matter by far, May you be free, Free of fear and know How we all hold your life so dear. Birthday Blessings to you Papa Bear! Your love sometimes, So precious, It’s hard to share, To you our captain, Make a wish, As many as you like, Just not that we will be out of your hair. I love YOU!!! #gijoksterlife

A photo posted by Katrina Tantoco-Lobregat (@katantocolobregat) on

Really makes us swing to this:

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